www.asconoil.com” is the only official website for ASCON OIL COMPANY LIMITED. Any website that has a similar name or design is NOT the official website for the company. It is an established fact and we are well aware that some other websites may attempt to mislead and in fact deceive members of the public into believing that they are linked to our company or our website, using it as a medium for perpetrating fraud and other illegal activities.

ASCON OIL COMPANY IS NOT party to any of these fraudulent and illegal activities and DOES NOT in any way support them. Any form of information and material contained in these other websites has NO link to this official website. Any form of vacancy in our company that is not publicised on our official website is fictitious and has no credibility. Please be guided. We are not responsible for the information contained in these other bogus websites.

Please be advised that ASCON OIL COMPANY will not be held responsible if anyone is defrauded as a result of obtaining false information from any other source other than from this official website.

To report any fraudulent activities referred to above please contact us via email at contact@asconoil.com

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