Depot and Tank Farm Operations

Ascon STORAGE FACILITIES and DEPOTS are run in conformity with the management culture of total quality to ensure sustainable growth and expansion.

Most of the business operations carried out seeks to provide goods and services that meet and exceed the desires of our customers. We are totally committed to satisfying customers’ requirement at the lowest possible cost.
The depot operations is headed by our Group Managing Director (GMD) and managed by the Executive Director(ED, Ops/Trade) and directly supervised by Group General Manager, Operations (GGM,OPS).

The operations department handles four major grades of refined petroleum products:
– PMS (Premium Motor Spirit)
– AGO (Automotive Gas Oil)
– DPK/HHK (Dual Purpose Kerosene /House Hold Kerosene)
– LPFO (Low Pour Fuel Oil)

All in conformity with the international standard such as:
– API (American Petroleum Institute)
– ASTM (American Societies for Testing Materials)
– IP (Institute of Petroleum)

We have capacity of 34million litres at our Apapa Depot with the development of an additional 44 million litres.
An adequate laboratory is installed in our terminal for day to day quality control and monitoring, this enables us maintain high quality product delivery for which we are known.
Product sourced locally (refinery) and Internationally (Imported) are received into our terminal through the Jetty and distributed to our strategically located outlets all across the country. All our numerous customers find solace in dealing with us as result of our quality product and services.

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