Lubricants and Special Products

The lubricant and specialty products division of Ascon Oil Company Limited is the strategic business unit (SUB) of the company involved in providing lubrication and petrochemical solutions to automobiles, industries and companies in and around Nigeria. Equipped with a state-of-the-art lube blending plant and an advanced Tribology laboratory, the primary functions of the division include:

  • Production and marketing of lubricants (liquid and semi-solid).
  • Development and marketing of other allied products.
  • Research and development.

The division employs choice and highly refined base stock and the very best in additive technology in the manufacturing of its range of products which includes the high performance Motion Plus Automotive Oils Series.

The division keeps to the Ascon Oil Company tradition of quality and efficient service delivery achieved through a team of specialized professionals working with the state-of-the-science technology in the lubricant industry.

The range of lubricants offered includes:

  • Automobile lubes

Motion Plus D Series 15W/40

Motion Plus Supreme 20W/50

Motion Plus RX 20W/50

Motion Plus XD Series

Motion Plus HD Series

Transgard EP4, EP5 Automotive Gear Oils

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

  • Industrial lubes

Hydroil Series

Hydroil HV Series

Ascon Industrial Gear Oils

Compressor and Refrigeration Oils

Turbine oils


  • Marine lubes

Ascomar DFX Series

Ascomar ARF Series

Ascomar BRF Series

Ascomar CRF Series

Ascomar CLX Series

The division through its inventory management solution program is capable of handling up to 50,000 metric tonnes of lubricants annually. This solution program involves blending and stocking a wide range of Lubricants for our customers. It also carries out supplies on call off basis as at when products are needed. Technical support and training are available as at when needed.

Some of the benefits available within the Lubes and Specialty Division include:

  • Ascon enhanced lubrication solution
  • Lube clinic/used oil technical analysis
  • Lubricant inventory management
  • Training and Seminar



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