Golden Shield Insurance Brokers

Golden Shield Insurance Broker Ltd is a duly incorporated and licensed insurance broking firm transacting business as insurance brokers, pension consultants, risk management consultants, claim service experts.

Over the years, the company has developed into an enviable brand and gains the confidence of our diverse clients simply by understanding our clients’ business,

Identifying the different types of risks they are exposed to and arranging cover to secure their operations against unfavourable circumstances;  thus enhance continuity of business and organisations.

We are anchored on sound industry knowledge, skilled workforce, experienced management team, excellent customer relationship and superb claims management skills.

Company Core Service:

The main activity of the company is to engage in the business of insurance brokerage. Among which are:

  • Oil & Gas insurance
  • Life Assurance
  • Property insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • General insurance
  • Financial Bonds and guaranties

Our core functions

  • Act as intermediary between clients and insurance companies
  • Gather information from clients, accessing their insurance needs and risk profile
  • Understanding the nature of clients business
  • Foreseeing clients insurance needs, such as policy renewals
  • Renewing or amending existing policies
  • Marketing and acquiring new clients
  • Winning accounts against competitors
  • Collecting insurance premiums and remitting to insurance companies
  • Advising clients whether and when they need to make a claim on their policies
  • Researching insurance companies policies
  • Administrative tasks, such as dealing with paper work, correspondence, keeping detailed records

Claims Procedures:

We use friendly stress free claims standards of service throughout the processes

We employ tactical, technical and strategic approach supported by the manager’s soft skill to timely process clients claim and ensure that our client’s claims are promptly and equitably settled.

  • Claim reporting
  • Claim monitoring
  • Technical serviceswork well with loss adjuster, surveyors
  • Claim advocacy
  • Complex claim resolution
  • Loss control

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