Social Investment

For us at ASCON OIL COMPANY, mission to society is a duty and we are alive to this. We owe our success down the years to the massive support from our host communities and we play key roles in ensuring that they grow with us. We are always poised to respond to the call of our host communities and to lend weight to their developmental aspirations, be it infrastructural face-lifting or advancing the cause of humanity.

We believe that poverty anywhere in the world is a threat to prosperity everywhere in the world. From health, through education, to sports, ASCON OIL COMPANY has, and is still lending support in no small measure.

In 2013 for instance, the company bankrolled the publication and distribution of one of Nigeria’s highly impactful books on youth entrepreneurship. Written for students of tertiary institutions with a view to bridging the gap between the classroom and the industry, we have sponsored over two thousand copies of the book into the hands of students and non-schooling youths but educated youths alike.

Of all world sport, football is the leader. In an ever-changing world of economic uncertainty, religious radicalization and social revolution, very few factors have the innate power to thrill, unite and inspire like football. Since its discovery more than 200 years ago by English men, and its constant evolution, it has continued to touch and inspire the lives of millions of people the world over. “Today the game is played, watched and enjoyed all over the globe by different people of diverse cultures, creed and race right down to our beloved country Nigeria where we have indeed experienced glory at the youth level on continental and international playing fields.”

Dream Team Football Academy was conceived to keep the dreams of the founding father of ASCON OIL Company Limited alive. This annual memorial event is an avenue to raise the awareness and consciousness of the sporting community and fans and as well as give insight into what is happening in the nation’s sports, especially football at the youth level.

It is also a means to offer our immense contributions to the development of sports both in the state and the country. The U-17 Championship Cup is organized in collaboration with the Delta State FA.

What other better way to engage our youth positively other than in football and sporting activities. Like the great Brazilian football legend, Pele once said, “football is the beautiful game”. We share the same sentiment because we believe the lives of our talented youth can indeed be beautiful if they stay focused on their dreams and not engage in self-destructive social vices that can truncate their future.

Through football they are empowered to take responsibility for their actions and be the best they can be. Just like the slogan of ASCON, we want our youth to move forward. There is so much to be gained if our youth move forward in the right direction. The immediate community not only benefits, the nation at large does as well and it is in our collective best interest to continually point them in the right direction through sports.

We have in the past provided logistics support to the NNPC/PPMC Mosimi depot and also on several occasions offered safety and firefighting facilities to companies located within our operating environment. The Lagos State Government also enjoyed our partnership in its flood control initiative in some parts of Lagos State amongst others. This is in addition to our recognition by the Lagos State Government as a one hundred percent tax-compliant organisation.

Our health intervention scheme is firmly entrenched in our belief that pain for one is pain for all. We have extended hands of assistance to diverse individuals with one form of health challenge or the other. Besides this, we have always remembered the less privileged children because we are convinced that humanity thrives on creating opportunities for all. So we fill the gap everywhere we can.

We know we can never arrive at a point when we would be able to say we have done enough, at least not until everyone is full and no one is hungry; not until everyone is informed and no one is ignorant; not until everyone shines and no one fades. Even if we have to stretch beyond our elastic limits, it will always be a duty.

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